The mission of the Nebraska Food for Health Center is to improve human health by linking agriculture and food production to wellness and disease prevention through microbiome research.


  1. Create a multi-campus, interdisciplinary research team uniting gastrointestinal and biomedical research with production agriculture and plant/animal breeding/genetics.
  2. Establish a comprehensive research platform focused on developing:
    1. Food crops bred for proven health promotion and agronomic traits,
    2. Foods with predictable, clinically-proven effects on the microbiome and host metabolic and inflammatory characteristics, and
    3. Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Synbiotics with predictable, clinically proven effects on gastrointestinal characteristics and/or metabolic and inflammatory characteristics.
  3. Train new generation of interdisciplinary microbiome-related experts for careers as researchers, food and health industry leaders, and food innovation entrepreneurs.