Lab technician working with samples

NFHC Clinical Research Space

The mission of the NFHC Clinical Research Space is to support and facilitate fundamental and translational research to improve citizens’ wellness through modification of behavior, diet, or nutritional factors.

About Our Facility

The Clinical Research Suite is equipped with a lobby (seating for seven), reception desk, two exam rooms, a food grade refrigerator and freezer, and a BSL2 laboratory.  The exam rooms are set up to allow for private discussions and collection of standard vital signs along with height and weight.  Specimen collection includes blood, urine, stool, oral cavity, and breath.  The lab is capable of conducting many CLIA-waived biospecimen tests. 

The Clinical Research Space is currently run by Assistant Director, Lisa Whisenhunt. She is a certified clinical research coordinator with experience in FDA regulated studies. For anyone interested in conducting studies and learning more about the space, please contact Lisa Whisenhunt at


Available Resources

Clinic space

  • lobby area  (seating for seven)
  • reception desk
  • two private exam rooms
  • restroom with specimen pass box

Office equipment

  • multifunction Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4035  (Digital Multifunction Imaging System Functions: Standard: Copy, Print (UFR II), Scan, Send, Store)
  • AED

Investigation Product/Intervention Storage

  • food grade fridge and freezer in the waiting area
  • additional storage capabilities associated with the Food Processing Center that is a component of the department
  • Data loggers for continuous temperature monitoring

Biosafety containment

  • Thermo Scientific Biosafety Cabinet 1300 Series A2
  • Eppendorf 5810R refrigerated centrifuge  (with biosafety containments accessories)
  • Drucker Diagnostics Horizon 642VFD- Plus Centrifuge for Blood and Urine
  • BioCision CryoPod Carrier

Biobanking storage components

  • BL2 laboratory fridge
  • freezer
  • -80 ºC freezers

Biobanking sample management

  • FreezerPro Cloud LIMS software
  • Thermo Scientific VisionMate High Speed 2D Barcode Reader for plate
  • Wonsidary 1D scanner
  • BarTender label design and printing
  • Zebra GK420t label printer

Digital metadata acquisition

  • secured REDCap database based at UNL-SBSRC
  • dedicated iPad
  • laptop

CLIA waved tests on site

  • blood panels for the Abaxis Piccolo Xpress chemistry analyzer
  • blood A1C
  • blood glucose
  • Helicobacter pylori blood antibody test kits
  • fecal occult blood test
  • urine dipsticks for pH
  • urine microalbumin
  • urine creatinine
  • urine cotinine
  • urine pregnancy
  • UriTest 10 parameters
  • access to LabCorp extensive test panel

Blood collection

  • on site phlebotomy
  • remote via dry blood spot kit

Body physical and biological characteristics, plethysmography, actigraphy measurements

  • wrist ActiGraph GT9X Activity trackers
  • COSMED BOD POD  (with pediatric accessories for body composition)
  • Covidien Smartpill system
  • SunTech Medical CT40 blood pressure and vital signs meter
  • Scale-Tronix scale  (with height tool)
  • DSLR camera  (with dedicated objectives and macro ring flash)

Breath analysis measurements

  • Nissha FIS Inc. OralChroma  (detection of H2S, CH4S, C2H6S)
  • QuinTron BreathTracker analyzer  (on site and remote sampling kit detection of H2, CH4, and CO2)

Piccolo Abaxis Piccolo Xpress chemistry analyzer
Freezer Laboratory fridge and -80 ºC freezers
Bod Pod Bod Pod