Huskers get hands on with science of funky fermentations

January 24th, 2023

In the classroom and the lab, students learned the scientific processes behind popular food fermentation techniques as part of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s three-week spring pre-session course “Moldy Meals: Filamentous Fungal Food Fermentations.”


“I think the combination of the possible health benefits and the chance to be creative and make something different with these fermented foods, really excites people. This is kind of a moment when all that’s coming together, and we’re at the point where we’re starting to know a lot more about gut health and about the role of microbes. Right here on campus we have the Food for Health Center which ties into this as well.”

The interest in fermentations has risen so much that a fermentations minor was recently approved.

In addition to showing students the world of food fermentations, the course fulfilled university or college requirements for many students.

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Story by Kateri Hartman | University Communication and Marketing