Yang Sorghum Paper Featured in Nature Reviews Microbiology

January 9th, 2023

The recent paper, "Genetic analysis of seed traits in Sorghum bicolor that affect the human gut microbiome", that came out of the Nebraska Food for Health Center, has been featured in Nature Reviews Microbiology's write up, "Genome to gut: crop engineering for human microbiomes".

"This Genome Watch explores how metagenomics aids in profiling plant-derived microorganisms and molecules that could have an impact on the composition and function of the human gut microbiome."

"Historically, genetic engineering of crops focused on increasing yield, whereas nutrition, resilience and other traits were considered secondarily. These studies highlight the incredible diversity of plant-derived microorganisms and molecules in our diets that may be modulating the composition and functionality of our gut microbiomes. It is exciting to imagine that in the near future, the relationship between human gut microorganisms and plant biochemistry will have a prominent role in crop breeding and the development of plant-based foods."

For the full write up click HERE

Written by Karen Serrano & Margot Bezrutcyzk