Summit to bring together food for health experts

October 5th, 2021

University of Nebraska researchers are joining forces with medical experts and food producers for a virtual agriculture and health summit, Oct. 11-13.

The conference, “Agriculture and Health Summit: Cultivating Gut Health at the Crossroads of Food and Medicine,” is free and open to the public. Registration is required to attend. It is intended to align experts who produce food and medicines — specifically those in nutrition and food science, plant and agricultural sciences, and medical biotechnology.

“Scientific discoveries related to the gut microbiome and diet are attracting attention globally, but practical efforts to create gut-focused foods and medicines for better health often occur in silos, incorporating only a few areas of expertise,” said Andy Benson, director of the Nebraska Food For Health Center and a professor of food science and technology. “Only by bringing a well-rounded group of experts into conversations about the human gut microbiome will it be possible to realize the promise of this scientific field, creating novel products that target the gut microbiota with the aim of preventing and treating serious chronic illnesses.”

The directors of major food for health centers and gut microbiome research projects will speak at the event. These include Bruce German, director, University of California, Davis Food for Health Institute; Yolanda Sanz, coordinator, MyNewGut Research Consortium; and Bruce Hamaker, director, Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research. A highlight of the event will also be a discussion on regulatory frameworks.

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Story by Troy Fedderson | UNL Communications