Planting innovation: Schnable Lab maintains research momentum

June 9th, 2020

Summertime at Nebraska is officially in full swing — but for Husker faculty and staff members, the hard work of carrying out the university’s mission never stops.

James Schnable, Charles O. Gardner Professor of Agronomy, along with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in his lab, returned to campus last month to plant hundreds of corn and sorghum varieties in fields on East Campus and the university's Havelock Farm. Lab members began planting corn on May 6 and will finish their last sorghum field on June 8.

Schnable’s team is used to working through hot, sunny days. This year, they faced the added challenge of a pandemic. COVID-19 interrupted a key period of pre-summer planning and limited the number of staff able to work on the planting project.

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Story by Lindsey Amen | University Communications