NFHC Member- Dr. Derrick Samuelson Spotlight Video

September 28th, 2021

We want you to get to know more about NFHC!  Stay tuned as we provide short videos of our PIs and students.  Get to know their lab, what they study, and how they complete their work.

Our faculty spotlight for September is Dr. Derrick Samuelson!

The research in the Samuelson lab is directed toward understanding the mechanisms by which the intestinal microbiota regulates pulmonary host defense against respiratory pathogens. He is interested in delineating the microbial communities and/or the microbial metabolites that inform immune cell programming and trafficking, pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and epithelial permeability in people who chronically consume alcohol. His lab’s studies aim to define the intestinal microbial constituents that mediate pulmonary host defense against respiratory pathogens.