NFHC Fellows

Morgan Cade
  • NFHC Fellow

Program: School of Biological Sciences with emphasis in Genetic, Cellular, and Molecular biology

Area of Study: Gut microbiome regulation of host health early in life

Current Rotation: Dr. Amanda Ramer-Tait Lab

Advisor: Dr. Amanda Ramer-Tait

Background: From Kansas City Missouri originally. Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in French.

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Nate Korth
  • NFHC Fellow

Program: Complex Biosystems

Area of Study: Association of naturally occurring components in food crops and perturbations of the human gut microbiome

Current Rotation: Dr. Andrew Benson Lab

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Benson


               Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas

               Undergraduate Degree: Food Science and Technology – University of Nebraska Lincoln

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Hugh McCullough
  • NFHC Fellow

Program: Complex Biosystems

Area of Study: Gut microbial community responses to starvation and nutrient rescue

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Auchtung


From Orion Township, Michigan

B.S. in Biomedical Laboratory Science from Michigan State University

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Alexander Racine
  • NFHC Fellow

Program:  Food Science and Technology

Area of Study: Intestinal microbiology

Current Rotation: Dr. Heather Rasmussen Lab

Advisor: Dr. Heather Rasmussen

Background: Undergraduate in Nutrition and Food Science – University of Vermont     

Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Physiology – University of Utah

United States Marine Corps Veteran

Registered Dietitian


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Mallory Van Haute
  • NFHC Fellow

Program: Food Science & Technology

Area of Study: Discovery of components and molecules that can impact the human gut microbiome using high-throughput in vitro screens of large genetic resource populations of dry beans and maize with human microbiomes.

Current Rotation:  Dr. Andy Benson Lab

Advisor: Dr. Andy Benson


         Hometown: Seward, Nebraska 

         B.A. Biology, Hastings College

         M.S. Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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