Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D.
  • Dairy & Food Culture Technologies
  • Consultant

Professional Interests: Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders' professional activities focus on providing evidence-based guidance to food and dietary supplement companies on the role of probiotics in human health ( She advises on scientific substantiation of probiotic claims, product development and safety of probiotics. She also works with several non-profit organizations (including ISAPP, FAO/WHO, USP, ILSI-North America and World Gastroenterology Organisation) to provide information on probiotics for consumers and professionals. She has an extensive written (over 110 peer reviewed publications), oral and video record, including a website,

Additional Positions: Executive Science Officer, International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (, an organization dedicated to advancing the science of probiotics and prebiotics

Education:             BS, Food Science, University of California – Davis 1977

                              MS, Food Science, North Carolina State University 1980

                              PhD, Food Science with emphasis in microbiology, North Carolina State

                                                University 1983