Corrine Hanson

Corrine Hanson portrait

Dr. Corrine Hanson's career is dedicated to understanding effects of nutrition on the promotion of health and the development and progression of disease over the life course. Her work focuses primarily on two areas, specifically the role nutrition plays in lung health, and how nutrition during pregnancy impacts newborn outcomes and the development of disease later in life.

Currently, Dr. Hanson is  working on projects that evaluate the contribution of environmental factors, including diet, obesity, and the gut microbiome,  to lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She is interested in the role that fiber intake plays in altering the gut microbiome, and how this might impact systemic inflammation and health outcomes.  Dr. Hanson is also involved in projects to evaluate how diet during pregnancy, and even pre-conception, impact such factors as the maternal microbiome and inflammation, and what resulting impact this will have on the offspring. She researches diet as a health disparities issue, to identify populations who are nutritionally disadvantaged and identify interventions to improve nutritional status.

Featured Publications

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