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Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Computational Biology

This position will develop a high impact research program developing and implementing analytical and computational methods for investigating complex interactions between host factors, nutritional factors, and the microbiome in health and disease.

Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Computational Biology Job Listing
Etsuko Moriyama portrait

Etsuko Moriyama

Dr. Moryiama is interested in bioinformatics, molecular evolution, and molecular population genetics. Owing to many genome projects, almost infinite amount of molecular data is becoming available. They are filled with evolutionary footprints. Her interest revolves around mining such information from sequence data, reconstructing the evolutionary process of sequences, genes, and genomes, and applying knowledge we gain from these analyses for protein function prediction and gene mining.

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Stephen Kachman portrait

Stephen Kachman

Dr. Kachman's research is focused on the development and application of statistical methodology in the area of statistical genomics. Currently he is working on methodology on incorporating genomic information, primarily in the form of SNP genotypes, into national beef cattle evaluation (Matthew Spangler, Department of Animal Science). The statistical methodology development includes extensions based on generalized linear mixed models and Bayesian models. Other projects include genomics of swine reproduction (Daniel Ciobanu, Department of Animal Science, UNL), modeling of the host genetics influence of their gut microbial communities (Andrew Benson, Department of Food Science and Technology, UNL), genetic components of biological responses to stress (Lawrence Harshman, School of Biological Sciences, UNL), and statistical models for the evaluation of teachers and programs (Walter Stroup, Department of Statistics, UNL).

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Jennifer Clarke portrait

Jennifer Clarke

Dr. Clarke's research interests encompass statistical methodology (with an emphasis on high dimensional and predictive methods), statistical computation, bioinformatics/computational biology, multi-type data analysis, data mining/machine learning, and bacterial genomics/metagenomics (gut function initiative). She is the director of the Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative.

Featured Publications

Clarke B, and Clarke J. Predictive Statistics, Cambridge University Press. A graduate level textbook on prediction in statistics. In production for publication in 2018.


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